First comes acceptance, then comes change

So I turned 50 last month and felt it was time for some changes.  First change: going vegetarian, about time for it really.  I have always been fonder of eating vegetables and could only eat meat when it didn't look like what it once was.  When cooking only for myself I avoided meat almost completely, however, when eating with others I was too complacent to ask for meatless options.  My friend, Ron, and I went to see Morrissey in Lawrence, KS last month (May 20, 2014) just prior to his 55th birthday.  

The show was amazing and reestablished my devotion to Morrissey as a lifelong fan. I was reading online that Lisa Lange from PETA advised people that wanted to "give" Morrissey something meaningful for his birthday to go vegan - not someday, but today.  So ultimately for myself, but also in tribute to Morrissey I decided to make the change.  So far it hasn't been too much of an issue.  My family members have taken it in stride and made accommodations at mealtimes for me. 

Second change: starting a blog.  Not sure exactly what this is going to entail.  I have always lived a significant portion of my life inside my head and sometimes the thoughts there have proven to be outside the norm.  It was in a mIRC chat room that the nickname GothicGuru originated.  I was waxing poetic about something metaphysical and dark when someone suggested I was a rather spiritual person but prone to cynical evaluations of human nature, like a Gothic spiritual Guru.  I embraced that description and have used that moniker throughout my internet wanderings.  

My friend, Ron, thought I should start a podcast about Music.  I have always thought music one of the highest forms of art.  We end up talking about music more often than any other topic and can be quite passionate about how it affects us.  In my view of music as art, I do not try and define how others should evaluate it.  I like to share my thoughts and impressions, but I feel art is very subjective and everyone interacts with it differently.  There is no universally good or bad art, just art that is more generally accepted and art that is not.  I also find that much of the art that is less accepted incites the most passionate responses and therefore is more intriguing to me.

Oh - and I decided to do a blog over a podcast because I don't like cameras aimed at me, or hearing myself recorded.  A blog also seems more adaptable for now and could easily progress to the next level if I become more confident.  


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