Son Lux - Stolen


The Wanting by Nightmare Fortress

I've been repeatedly listening to this at home on vinyl and digitally in my car.  It is dark and brooding and yet somehow also energizing and invigorating.  I love the vocals and the driving beat.  I recommend it highly if you are into Zola Jesus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Die Form, or other darkwave groups.

The Wanting by Nightmare Fortress

Atonalist featuring Gavin Friday - Atonalism. A cacophony of electronic and acoustic instruments

I'll just say, first and foremost, this is going to be hard to beat out for my favorite record of 2017.  It is simply amazing.  I had to check it out because of Gavin Friday's involvement, but it didn't take but a few seconds of sampling the first song to convince me to preorder this. I was a wee bit anxious after hearing that only half the songs had vocals since I was motivated to buy this for Gavin Friday's involvement.  After several listens though I confess I don't really think of the songs as being with or without lyrics, at least not lyrics with words. The songs without words seem just as lyrical as those with words. I am now sure I will be buying the next Atonalism record with or without Gavin Friday.

It's fun to score

Some items I picked up this past couple of weeks:

Marc Almond - Varieté
Ordered from, Cherry Red Records put this on vinyl - Almost everything Marc Almond has done is essential listening for me - I think this is one of his best.

Suede - Coming Up
I've been watching for these Suede re-releases to be available in USA for affordable pricing. is definitely one of the most affordable places to pick up European albums.

Passenger - Young As The Morning Old As The Sea This has been on my wishlist since it came out, it just took awhile for it to make it on an order.  It is really a great album and the deluxe packaging is really beautiful.  Too many artists don't take advantage of LP size and potential in sleeve and booklet design.  

And from my local record store, Block Street Records: Midnight Oil - Red Sails In The Sunset

Fun Boy Three

Guadalcanal Diary - Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man

The Flesh Volcano - Slut (Marc Almond & J.G. Thirlwell aka Foetus)

The Housema…

Recent additions to my collection


Record Store Day 2017 list was disappointing

So the list is out and impressively long.  Unfortunately I found it sorely lacking in any items of substance.  Too many singles with no real unique value and certainly not budget friendly.  The album releases all seem rather dull reworkings, live shows, and/or rehashes.  I didn't find anything I would rush out for that day.  I was really looking forward to a day out and about rushing from one store to the next to score my wishlist.  Last year my list wasn't long but we had to go to three store to find what I wanted (John Grant, Dead Can Dance, and Etta James).  
I am mildly interested in Sire Records, Just Say 50 - but there is no track list yet and box sets are generally out of my range.  I'd like Big Star's 3rd, but the artwork is dull and there are two other volumes to consider in this archival reissue.  Marianne Faithful's Rich Kid Blues is tempting, but the UK has it on colored vinyl while the US listing doesn't mention color.  The Offspring s/t and Count…