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If you haven't heard of dimbodius, it's time you do

My favorite find from cdbaby .  One of the least prolific musicians I have come across, but every song he releases is a gem.  Dark and moody, profoundly introspective, sweeping and uplifting, his music evokes the listener's senses and imagination.  His voice isn't pretty but it is expressive and moving.  The music is keyboard and percussion centered with a made-at-home, agoraphobic sound.   That's not to say limited or sparse, the music is full and expansive, it just imparts the mood of isolation and late night introspection.

If you aren't listening to Asaf Avidan you are diminished

I love discovering new music and sometimes I think I am really good at it.  Other times I find out I have been missing something wonderful, amazing, and awe-inspiring for years....  and although I am grateful for having finally found the sound, it makes me question how it was missed for so long.  Asaf Avidan is definitely one for this category.  He has been making music since before 2006 when Asaf Avidan and the Mojos released the EP "Now That You're Leaving".  By the time I found him last year he was performing solo and had several albums behind him.  

All the cool kids listen to: Museum

Apparently there aren't very many cool kids around...
Again, lastfm led me to discover a great band.  I was sent an invite to come check out their music and get some free downloads at their lastfm site or their website. Sounding like the best elements of a merger between She Wants Revenge and Interpol (first albums only of course), but slicked up and oozing style and sophistication on the scale of Suede, Museum really knocked me out. 

You should be listening to: StrangeJuice

StrangeJuice, Mike Anderson, is the epitome of a working musician.  His output is substantial and almost daunting.  He seems to be able to write a song with little effort on almost any subject, reminding me of Stephen Merritt.  His vocal range is amazing and clear at both the lows and the highs.  Why hasn't he been "Discovered"?  From what I can tell from his facebook page and such, I don't think he is working on it too hard.  He seems to like his life as it is in a way that boggles my mind.  I applaud anyone that has found exactly the right niche and makes their happiness there.