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Kate Pierson - Guitars and Microphones

Nothing like a little controversy to kick off album sales.  Personally I love Kate Pierson and her unflappable upbeat attitude.  At least her public persona is of a person that chooses to see what is good in life and tries her best to elevate those around her.  She doesn't appear to take the downturns in life too seriously but rather focuses on how we can turn these things around, see them in perspective, and move on to the next better thing as quickly as possible.  I think if she were my friend she would generally recommend a night of dancing as a remedy to most of life complexities... and I think she would be right.  This record fits perfectly in line with that perception.

Asaf Avidan - "Gold Shadow"

Blending classic rock sounds with modern themes and styles, Asaf Avidan manages to create a flawless album of creative maturity.