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Daughn Gibson - Carnation

Awash, adrift and fading... not the album I was hoping for, but it is growing on me.  I was annoyed with myself for not turning this pre-order post into an album review faster upon the release of the record - however, now I am glad I took more time.

Sometimes change is hard to accept.  I want an artist to grow and adapt, but not so much that I don't recognize them anymore.  I thought on first listen that Daughn Gibson had gone too far away from the sound I so loved.  Thankfully if you take your time with this record there is much to be discovered and enjoyed.

Editors - IN DREAM pre-order

Absolutely one of my favorite bands.  Tom Smith's voice is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Their songs are always relevant and moving.  They are dark enough to fulfill my imagination, bright enough not to drown my dreams, deep enough to keep me thinking, and creative enough to lift my spirit.  IN DREAM is out October 2nd (the same day as John Grant's Grey Tickles, Black Pressure) and you can pre-order it now.

Ballet School - The Dew Lasts An Hour

Discovered this band via a covers site that had their version of Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" on it.  I was very impressed and looked to see what else was out there.  I know lots of Indie bands have more exposure thanks to the internet, but I still find bands that seem to be "out there" but I have never come across - which seems odd since I read music blogs daily.  I guess that's why I started this one in hopes of eventually being able to help "get the word out" about bands like this.

Ford Proco / Coil - Expansión Naranja 12'' EP

Thanks to HeathenHarvest for posting this news.  I might have missed this incredible item.  Evidently demand has been much better than they expected as I totally missed the original 100 orange vinyl press - and also the second pressing on black vinyl - however - I dropped them a note asking to be emailed when copies were again available and got a message that they had a couple of copies and I headed back to their site and got one.  It now shows "sold out" again but that they are going to be pressing another run on orange vinyl in the near future.  I had never heard of Mannequin Records before and now I am very glad I have.  Go Here for more information. You can hear the tracks on Soundcloud.

Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed & Othon Kickstarter for recording a musical album of JK Huysmans novel, Against Nature

I hope this campaign is successful.  All the early information really looks interesting and promising.  I am rather shocked they haven't already made their goals - but money is tight these days.  I had to really think about it before pledging enough to get the limited vinyl release - I was kinda pushed over the edge when I saw all but 1 was taken - obviously it is the more popular pledge reward - maybe they will make more of those available. Consider that you have time to budget a pledge since they are only taken upon the project reaching it's goal and would not be withdrawn from your account until August 28. Check out the kickstarter campaign page.

Thighpaulsandra - The Golden Communion - Pre-order

Release date September 4, 2015

EMEGO 207 / Thighpaulsandra - The Golden Communion
1. Salute (8:45)
2. Did He Fall? (6:31)
3. The Foot Garden (9:55)
4. A Devil In Every Hedgerow (4:38)
5. The Golden Communion (25:56)
6. Misery (10:58)
7. Valerie (8:16)
8. The Sinking Stone (11:08)
9. On The Register (4:05)
10. The More I Know Men, The Better I Like Dogs (26:48)

Hear "The Foot Garden" via Soundcloud
Pre-order from Editions Mego on 2 CDs or 3LPs

StrangeJuice - Jalapeno Sun

StrangeJuice (Mike Anderson) has produced yet another amazing song collection.  I was a bit apprehensive, since he is calling this his first release in a "bedroom series", that it would be less complex and evolved than his previous works. I was therefore blown away by the first track, also the title track, as it blasted out of my speakers in an aural assault of impressive magnitude!