Ford Proco / Coil - Expansión Naranja 12'' EP

Thanks to HeathenHarvest for posting this news.  I might have missed this incredible item.  Evidently demand has been much better than they expected as I totally missed the original 100 orange vinyl press - and also the second pressing on black vinyl - however - I dropped them a note asking to be emailed when copies were again available and got a message that they had a couple of copies and I headed back to their site and got one.  It now shows "sold out" again but that they are going to be pressing another run on orange vinyl in the near future.  I had never heard of Mannequin Records before and now I am very glad I have.  Go Here for more information. You can hear the tracks on Soundcloud.

I would more than likely have bought this just from the album cover alone (by Maximiliano Lizárraga). - I am impulsive that way.  But the tracks sound great - moody and dark and brooding, slightly ritualistic, both mechanical and natural...

The story of how it came about is rather intriguing as well:

Quoting from Heathen Harvest:
The story behind the recording of the two tracks is like a fairytale. Apparently, band members Robert Proco (sampler & synthesizers) and Wito Lavolt (bass, keyboards & drums) met Peter Christopherson in Los Angeles at a concert featuring The Orb back in the ’90s, and they exchanged contact information. Months later, Sleazy called and invited them as extras for Ice-T music videos.
The tracks were composed following the method of the expansión naranja; Peter Christopherson added saxophone, drums, and effects, while John Balance provided his magnificent voice.


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