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StrangeJuice - "High Anxiety"

Listen while you read

          Listening to a StrangeJuice album is often an experience that leads to introspection and exercises in self awareness.  He writes songs that generally refrain from storytelling and opt more for conjuring images and emotions through use of descriptive phrases.  Through his songs I find myself reliving experiences I had let fade into blurry obscurances.  He manages to add clarity and importance to these memories even though his songs are about his own.  I believe he can do this because he doesn't force his thoughts into normal channels, but rather lets them form on their own by whatever inspires them.  He follows his muse rather than trying to lead it.

          Have you ever walked down a path you are very familiar with, but at a time or condition that is not familiar, like late at night or in the fog?  You may be comforted by the preponderance of things you know, but you can be unnerved by an odd sound, displaced object, or the sudden appearance of …