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More pictures of KKKMO - Are You Land Or Water


KKKMO - Are You Land Or Water


Stunning record package, such a vibrant blue - it appears plastic and synthetic.  The sound of the album is much more personable and grounded.  Only two songs have lyrics, and the rest are more like jams and fantastic ones at that.  I read a lot about caves and band tragedies that you can look up and read, but it doesn't really help enjoy this record more than just listening to it.

Kōban - Abject Obsessions; Qual - Sable; Avant! Records and Tedium House

I purchased this as well as Qual - Sable as soon as Kōban announced that they had a US distributor for Avant! Records called Tedium House. Tedium House describes Abject Obsessions as "Cold, dark, and catchy post-punk by this Canadian duo from Vancouver. Caustic drum machines, voix féminines en Français and male vox in English, menacing synths and guitars as sharp and dangerous as a rusty blade." I think that is fairly efficient and spot on.

What's been spinning this week

I've been cleaning and listening to a bunch of Helen Reddy albums.  Yes, I love Helen Reddy.  It may seem out of place with some of my other song habits, but then again, maybe not.  She has an amazing voice and her songs have lots of darker moments and introspection.

 I was privileged to catch her in concert last year in Alma, Arkansas.  Not somewhere I expected to see her, but it was a really nice show.  Her voice is just as amazing now and she is so comfortable in front of an audience the performance felt very personal and intimate.

So a month or two back a friend and I were in Tulsa, Oklahoma crate digging and found many good deals at Gardner's Books and a couple of flea markets.  Some of the records required quite a bit of cleaning, but overall they are in good shape.  I picked up 7 Helen Reddy records, Janis Ian "Between the Lines", Bob Lind "Don't Be Concerned", Brimstone and Treacle Soundtrack (with Sting and The Police), Bobby Vinton "Sin…

Twin Peaks - Original Score LP (Pre-Order)


Strangejuice - Die Anne is a nice and spooky track for plundering supposedly haunted places

Free Download to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sýnið tillitssemi, ég er frávik by Æla

Sýnið tillitssemi, ég er frávik by Æla

And while you are poking around their pages you should also get last years release!  This is a wild and crazy band with lots of energy.  Definitely worth your time to check them out and consider a purchase.

Vettlingatök by Æla