KKKMO - Are You Land Or Water

Stunning record package, such a vibrant blue - it appears plastic and synthetic.  The sound of the album is much more personable and grounded.  Only two songs have lyrics, and the rest are more like jams and fantastic ones at that.  I read a lot about caves and band tragedies that you can look up and read, but it doesn't really help enjoy this record more than just listening to it.

The band is from Oslo, Norway.  KKKMO is short for Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O.  Their first record was something of a critical success and this record has been eagerly looked forward to.  I'm glad I heard this first instead of the other way round, as the first record is stunningly creative and brilliant.  There are many reviewers that say this record was somewhat of a let down from the first, but if you were exposed to them in reverse order I think you will find them both amazing, unique, and artistically important works.

Find Are You Land Or Water at House of Mythology


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