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Othon - Pineal

Othon Matagaras, Othon, released the album "Pineal" this month and it is phenomenal.  Othon recognizes that his music doesn't fit into conventional categories and has self-genred his music as "Pan Muzik".  It fits with the otherworldly nature of his sound, like a soundtrack to a fairy mound.  I discovered Othon a few years ago through the group Black Sun Productions.  Avant-garde, theatrical, tribal, classical, and eclectic are some of the words used to describe him.  He works in tandem with some of the other fringe dwelling musicians like Ernesto Tomasini, Bird Radio and Marc Almond.  Othon has a very spiritual nature and his music is woven with mysticism and magic.  The album title Pineal is derived from his use of natural elements to stimulate the same named gland which he credits with assisting his creativity.

Asian Envy - Everyone (Except You)

Trying to decide what I want to write about isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  So I might be rambling a bit until I find my footing.  I figure I will take things a week at a time, trying to post at least that often.

So today I went out walking and was listening to music, of course.  Walking makes for good listening time as I can really pay attention to the music with very little distraction.  I walked for a little over 2 hours and for a little over 6 miles.  While walking I was listening to Asian EnvyEveryone (Except You) an Australian Band formed originally in Tokyo, Japan.  Keyboardist and programmer Steve Edwards and lead singer Ross Larkin write and record electro dance/pop with the idea of creating accompanying videos.  The video to " The Beautiful Girls & Boys" is how I found the band as it was posting on a blog I follow.

Little Green Cars - Absolute Zero

Knowing I was going to see Morrissey in Lawrence, KS on Tuesday, May 20 I was looking for places to stay and other things to do that could make it a nice short vacation.  I knew I wanted to go the day before and come back the day after which left time to see what else might be happening in town.  I was thinking of finding a local bar with some Monday night activity expecting Karaoke, Trivia, or something like that.  However, I discovered a band was playing in a place called Record Bar so I looked the band up and was impressed.

First comes acceptance, then comes change

So I turned 50 last month and felt it was time for some changes.  First change: going vegetarian, about time for it really.  I have always been fonder of eating vegetables and could only eat meat when it didn't look like what it once was.  When cooking only for myself I avoided meat almost completely, however, when eating with others I was too complacent to ask for meatless options.  My friend, Ron, and I went to see Morrissey in Lawrence, KS last month (May 20, 2014) just prior to his 55th birthday.