Othon - Pineal

Othon Matagaras, Othon, released the album "Pineal" this month and it is phenomenal.  Othon recognizes that his music doesn't fit into conventional categories and has self-genred his music as "Pan Muzik".  It fits with the otherworldly nature of his sound, like a soundtrack to a fairy mound.  I discovered Othon a few years ago through the group Black Sun Productions.  Avant-garde, theatrical, tribal, classical, and eclectic are some of the words used to describe him.  He works in tandem with some of the other fringe dwelling musicians like Ernesto Tomasini, Bird Radio and Marc Almond.  Othon has a very spiritual nature and his music is woven with mysticism and magic.  The album title Pineal is derived from his use of natural elements to stimulate the same named gland which he credits with assisting his creativity.

Now don't be put off by all the strangeness if that isn't your thing.  There is a definite accessible pop thread to the record.  Think Yma Sumac meets Bel Canto.  It is more progressive but not beyond comparison.  There is a symbiotic naturalness to the entire work connecting it track by track from modern electronic elements to primitive tribal rhythms.  Othon himself seems to be the bridge that moves between the birth spark of creativity in his dealings with psychedelic shamanistic rituals in natural spiritual harmony and then moving into the modern landscape of metropolitan dehumanization and chaos.  He reflects the best of both ends of this cycle and embraces the uniqueness and artistic perfection that lies in synergizing with the purest examples of creative spirits working on either side.

I definitely recommend getting the physical CD as the artwork is incredible as well.  It is a shame that more artists haven't realized that making a physical product that is worth having would potentially save the extinction of albums.  It is so disappointing to purchase a CD, or LP for that matter, and find nothing worth owning.  Either the art and words are too small or just reflect an attitude that they don't matter.  If all you offer is the music itself then I might as well just download it.  Othon definitely gets it - he offers not only a recording of beauty but a physical visual companion to his music that will be handled and displayed with pride.


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