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David Bowie - Space Oddity (Passenger Cover)

To date this is this best cover/tribute I have heard/seen - simple, honest and true - thank you

IAMX - Metanoia

Wrap yourself up in the warmth of darkness, turn out the lights, ignite some incense, inflame a candle, pour a glass of absinthe, and sink into the depths of the new IAMX creation, Metanoia.

2015 - The Year in Review

Asaf Avidan - Gold Shadow

Asaf Avidan wins the top spot! Far and away my favorite album of 2015. This record rocks in the purest sense. 
The rest of the list is ranked from best loved to the still loved, lots of records not on this list I enjoyed but didn't think they were quite up to ranking among the best of the year. This is just a list of what I love and is totally a personal opinion and in no way is trying to judge albums on artistic merit outside my own preferences.