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Engineers - "Always Returning"

Peaceful.  Endearing.  Calming.  Soothing.  Mellow to the bone.  You should listen to this album in a serene environment to enjoy, or play it to calm things down when you are stressed and harried.

Perfume Genius - "Too Bright"

I have such a love/hate feeling about Perfume Genius.  I like the general sound of his music although I tend to find it just short of being a fully developed project.  Each song seems to be an incomplete thought wrapped up in a composition that could use a little more polish and finesse.  So my expectations were not high for this album, but they were hopeful.

When is a physical product better than digital?

I may only be speaking for myself, but I am just not interested in owning a cd just to have it.  If I am just going to rip it and store it I might as well just download it.  So what makes it worth having in my world?

Mainly I think the artist needs to have some interest in making a physical product in an of itself.  If you aren't putting creative energy into designing it and finding some visual expression of who you are and what you have done musically to put into it - then just stop.  There are far too many cds in the world that have no artistic reason for existing.  

Case in point: Morrissey's "World Peace is None of Your Business".  I bought this pre-order in order to get the cd, t-shirt, poster with my name on it, and the limited digipak gatefold as well as the extra tracks for download.  I am a fanatic for Morrissey so it was a given I would get it - but that doesn't mean I wasn't disappointed in the lack of variety in the artwork - the lack of creativi…