Perfume Genius - "Too Bright"

I have such a love/hate feeling about Perfume Genius.  I like the general sound of his music although I tend to find it just short of being a fully developed project.  Each song seems to be an incomplete thought wrapped up in a composition that could use a little more polish and finesse.  So my expectations were not high for this album, but they were hopeful.

This first single/video, "Queen", has a nice look, is more upbeat than most of his other music, and yet just doesn't quite connect.  I just don't "get" Perfume Genius.  The songs have lyrics but don't say anything directly.

I feel most of the tracks would have been better with no lyrics,   Or maybe he should sing in a made up language like Sigur Rós.  I keep thinking he is trying to communicate something and I am just not understanding what it is.

He also comes across too much like a copy of his influences rather than a progression.  I hear  Sigur Rós. Chris Garneau , and Antony and the Johnsons elements but the result doesn't hold together.

BUT - I still recommend this record.  Though I wish it was somehow more than it is, I still find it captures emotions and encourages the listener to engage in thoughtful ruminations.  I think it is more commercial than Chris Garneau,  Sigur Rós, and Antony in that it doesn't dig that deep into any subject or psyche.  Perfume Genius leaves the meaning up to the listener and therefore stays more superficial.  He isn't as threatening or overwhelming so people can just listen without truly engaging.
Listen to the others when you want your heart and mind immersed in the music and meaning, listen to Perfume Genius when you just need to let go.

I bought the digital download rather than the physical CD - but his label has nice images of the product and it looks fairly respectable if not impressive.


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