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Sunday Morning: pondering peeling my banana

This record seems fitting to start my day.  I am glad to finally have it on vinyl.  It has been reissued so many times in so many ways it was kind of hard to choose what to buy.  I finally settled on a more classic reissue on black vinyl.  Now I have the odd question of whether or not to peal my banana?  I know what is under there and I'd rather keep the record in good shape, but it is sssooo tempting.
I am not a huge Lou Reed fan and am pretty happy with just this record and his Transformer album.  I appreciate their place in Rock history and feel both these records are magical.  I don't find I connect as strongly with anything that came after.  
I want records I want to play repeatedly in my collection.  When I make the odd mistake of buying one that I don't know if I'll ever play again, I will try to find it a better home with someone that will love it more.  

These two records are unquestionably going to be played and played and played..... They are touchstone rec…

Mike Johnson

One of my greater regrets is missing the chance to see Mike Johnson live at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR some years back.  Listening to his "The Uninvited" album today I was reminded it has been too long since he released anything I am aware of.  "The Uninvited" came out in 2011 and though he uploaded albums to bandcamp in 2016 the hope of new music to come has faded.

His facebook page has a recent post but just linking to bandcamp and the post before that is over a year old. 

If you are unfamiliar with him please check him out.  Here is my favorite album "Gone Out Of Your Mind"

Gone Out Of Your Mind by Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson web page
Mike Johnson on facebook
Mike Johnson on bandcamp