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Pre-order Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

Chelsea Wolfe is incredible.  I get chills listening to her and this album looks to be a progression of style and sound.  I love the first track Iron Moon - and was instantly compelled to order the vinyl - pre-orders get their choice of vinyl color - and there are several bundle options with t-shirts and more.  If you haven't heard her - think dark - think deep - and then scream.  I believe if you give her a chance you will find yourself enthralled.

Order vinyl and more here

Opinions requested

I am resolved to use this blog to promote artists that I like, however, that means fairly few posts when the well is dry like it has been lately.  I am wondering if people are interested in what I have bought/heard that I decided not to post about?  I would not be posting negative comments about them, just that they didn't really strike me as something I could promote.  This month that list would have included:

These albums were bought and/or listened to, enjoyed even, but I don't have anything to "say" about them.  If you tend to like what I like then you might want to check them out.
So is this something I should do - or is it best left out?
Thanks for your input.

Armen Ra - Theremin - Classique

Evidently I missed the preorder opportunity to get this is a physical CD and now you can only get it as a download.  Listen to it on soundcloud.  I haven't bought it yet as I was hoping someone would decide to reprint CDs or maybe even better vinyl.  But that is not looking too good.

Baby Dee - I am a stick preorder

I want to preorder this new Baby Dee due out June 1st, but it is priced a bit too high and shipping costs are almost as much as the LP.  $40 is just too much for a record.  It does look fantastic, and I have loved everything she has put out so far.  I may have to be satisfied with a download of this but I will wait and see if there is a lower price later, sometimes shops order enough other stuff they can relieve the shipping costs and even offer a bit of a discount.  Unfortunately I also gamble with the possibility that interest exceeds availability and the price goes threw the roof.

Voltaire tour

I'll be at the Wednesday May 13th show in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The day before my birthday and about the 6th time I have been to a Voltaire show!! I did not make the show.  My friend came down sick and I did not want to go alone - call me a wimp if you will - but it just didn't seem "fun" to be on my own at a show like Voltaire's where camaraderie and interaction is expected.