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This Mortal Coil

It seems fitting to begin  discussing "Incomparable Past" releases with This Mortal Coil as they had quite a profound influence on my college years.  This Mortal Coil was a cornucopia of talent that I harvested for years to come, indeed am still farming.  But I didn't know that when I first encountered them in my local Sound Warehouse.  Back in the days before internet and sampling, often you just had to go with your gut when trying to find new music.  I remember being drawn to the image and colors of the record, It'll End in Tears, and loving the poetry of their name and album title.  I new 4AD as the label for Cocteau Twins and Bauhaus, so I took a chance.

Half Moon Run - Sun Leads Me On Pre-order

Go to the Half Moon Run website to pre-order their new record Sun Leads Me On releasing October 23rd.  Vinyl orders include a digital download and the pre-order vinyl will be signed by the band!