Asian Envy - Everyone (Except You)

Trying to decide what I want to write about isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  So I might be rambling a bit until I find my footing.  I figure I will take things a week at a time, trying to post at least that often.

So today I went out walking and was listening to music, of course.  Walking makes for good listening time as I can really pay attention to the music with very little distraction.  I walked for a little over 2 hours and for a little over 6 miles.  While walking I was listening to Asian Envy  Everyone (Except You) an Australian Band formed originally in Tokyo, Japan.  Keyboardist and programmer Steve Edwards and lead singer Ross Larkin write and record electro dance/pop with the idea of creating accompanying videos.  The video to " The Beautiful Girls & Boys" is how I found the band as it was posting on a blog I follow.

The video is great and has a real cliffhanger ending.  They are currently raising funds for the follow-up video to "The Wolf' on kickstarter.  What really caught my attention on my walk was the lyrics to some of the songs.  I was mostly a fan of the overall dance sound with it's groovy beats and deep almost sinister undertones.  But listening as I walked I was taken aback by the smart, witty, cynical, and introspective nature of their lyrics.  "Hangover" drips with an acceptance of consequences from bad decisions and actions.  Knowing the outcome will not be good doesn't always prevent us from doing something we will enjoy at least in the short term.  "I'd Like a Refund" is about an unequal relationship where we give and give and often are hurt by the unappreciated or unreciprocated effort and emotion we share.  "Everyone (Except You)" is a perfectly timed song for my life.  I have a friend that is dealing with a few people that don't "like" him even though he has their best interests at heart.  This song is a great anthem of self respect and dealing with someone who doesn't like or approve of us.

So this isn't just an empty headed dance album - although it can be that for you if you need it - taking a deeper look will garner rewards of real worth.

They have a prior album as well called Sweet & Vicious which is a bit less mature but still entertaining and quite worth a listen.  If you are like me you will find this band great for parties and in quieter moments you will peal back the pop hooks and examine the wisdom and insight below the surface.

Rating: (4 stars) Water
Everyone (Except You) has tracks that range from Water and flirts with being as necessary as Oxygen.  It would be easy to mistake for Food as I had before my walk - but now I know they have more worth than mere substance - they can feed the spirit as well as the body.


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