Ballet School - The Dew Lasts An Hour

Discovered this band via a covers site that had their version of Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" on it.  I was very impressed and looked to see what else was out there.  I know lots of Indie bands have more exposure thanks to the internet, but I still find bands that seem to be "out there" but I have never come across - which seems odd since I read music blogs daily.  I guess that's why I started this one in hopes of eventually being able to help "get the word out" about bands like this.

Ballet School remind me of a more upbeat Cocteau Twins.  You listen more for the overall effect of the music than for a lyrical message.  Most of the album has a dance-able beat but it also works for languid contemplation.  It is some of the best Dream Pop I have hear in ages.  Singer/Songwriter Rosalind Blair is the main contributor with guitarist Michel Collet and Louis McGuire on drums.

The songs "Sara" and "Day Off School" are available on the single "Softer" available at bandcamp.

"Heatbeat Overdrive" is definitely the best single on the record.  "Yaoi" comes in a close second.  Both have driving beats and catchy soundbites, but they aren't out of place on the record.  They just tend to pick up the pace and make sure you haven't drifted too far on your mind trip while listening to the rest of the record.  

I bought the Boys Again EP as well and was a little disappointed there wasn't more of a difference in the mixes of the songs.  All four songs are also on the album and with the exception of "Crush" are shorter on the EP than on the album.  I generally think EPs should either offer different tracks or longer versions since they have more room to work with per song.  I know some bands put out EPs and singles in advance of the record, but I do like there being a reason to buy both.  It is a disappointment when you end up with multiple copies of the same songs more or less.  

The Dew Lasts An Hour tracklisting:

Slow Dream
Pale Saint
Heartbeat Overdrive
All Things Return At Night
Crush (Alternative)


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