StrangeJuice - Jalapeno Sun

StrangeJuice (Mike Anderson) has produced yet another amazing song collection.  I was a bit apprehensive, since he is calling this his first release in a "bedroom series", that it would be less complex and evolved than his previous works. I was therefore blown away by the first track, also the title track, as it blasted out of my speakers in an aural assault of impressive magnitude!

Jalapeno Sun
     Progressive and psychedelic, dark and threatening.  So much going on in this song that it escapes my ability to adequately abbreviate.  Each listen I catch another phrase or sound that captures my attention and adds another level of enjoyment.

We Are Bees
      Political folk rock.  I read these lyrics quite some time ago on his facebook.  I can't say I saw much potential in it making a song - Well that explains why Mike is a musical genius and I should stick to just listening.

Henry's Fire
     Classification be damned - This song is weird, strange, bizarre and fantastic.  "Soak it in fuel, set it on fire"  I feel converted to a new religion of sorts.

Cuckoo Bells
     Magical and uplifting - like running through a field of flowers in a rock opera.

Let Me Paint Your Picture
      The most accessible and easy to identify with song on the EP makes a great closing track.  I love the lyrics especially the passage:

"While you were asleep I stole
A picture of your soul
Sunshine Amid the gloom
In The vacant spaces in my room"

I have to say I am impressed with this first "bedroom series" EP.  Mike can evidently make magic happen in his bedroom... 

I downloaded from google play as 320 mp3s


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