Editors - IN DREAM pre-order

Absolutely one of my favorite bands.  Tom Smith's voice is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Their songs are always relevant and moving.  They are dark enough to fulfill my imagination, bright enough not to drown my dreams, deep enough to keep me thinking, and creative enough to lift my spirit.  IN DREAM is out October 2nd (the same day as John Grant's Grey Tickles, Black Pressure) and you can pre-order it now.

Although if you visit their official website home page - the link to pre-order takes you to amazon, if you ignore that and click on their shop instead you get real information about the album and what you get if you pre-order.  I don't know if pre-ordering at amazon gets the same perks, and I wouldn't risk it if you are interested in having something unique.I always hope the band gets more of a cut when I buy directly from them or their websites.

The LP comes on "Heavyweight Gold Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve with 6 12"x12" Inserts. C/w album download"

The 2CD version  is the "Full album plus second CD including 6 bonus tracks.The first 1000 copies of the 2CD album sold via Editors official store will come with an exclusive limited edition signed print. After the first 1000 the print will still be available, but not signed."

Pre-ordering gives you access to two songs immediately; "No Harm" & "Marching Orders" both are slow, dirge-like, ominous tracks that creep under your skin and steal your senses.  I would have preferred a more diverse pairing, but they certainly built up my anticipation for the record.

There is an option to buy a regular CD and download - but I had to go with the combo of LP (Gold vinyl! - Gatefold! - Inserts!) and 2CD (signed print! - bonus CD!) because I just can't have enough from them - I only hope I was not too late to get the print signed - only 1000 will be signed and of course they don't say how many they have sold so far - unfortunately it looks like the pre-orders started in February and I am kind of late to the party.


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