All the cool kids listen to: Museum

Apparently there aren't very many cool kids around...

Again, lastfm led me to discover a great band.  I was sent an invite to come check out their music and get some free downloads at their lastfm site or their website. Sounding like the best elements of a merger between She Wants Revenge and Interpol (first albums only of course), but slicked up and oozing style and sophistication on the scale of Suede, Museum really knocked me out. 


So the album "Traces of" was released a couple of years ago

1. A Feast Is a Feast
2. For the Very First Time
3. With Love
4. To Have or to Be
5. The Law
6. And Now
7. Eden
8. Calm
9. Flowers and Dust
10. Midwinter
11. Uncorrupted

"For the Very First Time" is Glam and full of attitude with some very interesting musical elements.

"With Love" is a stripped down, moody, punch-in-the-gut ballad.

"To Have or to Be" is syncopated and melodic.  One of my favorite tracks on the record.

"The Law" is, in a word, awesome!  (But if you watched the first video you already know that.)

"Eden" has incredible sound and lyrics of mythic or spiritual enlightenment - or else they live seven flights up with no elevator available.

"Calm" is another sonic marvel with lyrics that baffle me, but I really don't care.  Their songs are more about expressing a perspective, feeling or posture; not necessarily explaining every nuance.

"Flowers and Dust" feels like a apology for a wrong of some sort, but without remorse.  A song of letting go, moving on, surviving.

"Midwinter" is an appeal for understanding and love - honest and searching...

"Uncorrupted" is haunting and moving - hands in the air - lighters bouncing in the darkness - a song that approximates astral projection as your spirit reaches out to connect with the band in a moment of communion.

Song to song I don't always get the message, if there is one, of the lyrics.  It doesn't interfere with my love of this band or this album to any degree.  I think the overall sound they have is just perfect.  It makes me want to move, it propels me, it pumps up my confidence, enlivens my libido, and gives me feelings of grandiosity.  I couldn't ask more from a band.

According to a fairly recent facebook post they have a second album "written, arranged, and demoed" and are currently looking for financing.  They are considering crowdfunding, but have not posted any more information as of yet.


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