If you aren't listening to Asaf Avidan you are diminished

I love discovering new music and sometimes I think I am really good at it.  Other times I find out I have been missing something wonderful, amazing, and awe-inspiring for years....  and although I am grateful for having finally found the sound, it makes me question how it was missed for so long.  Asaf Avidan is definitely one for this category.  He has been making music since before 2006 when Asaf Avidan and the Mojos released the EP "Now That You're Leaving".  By the time I found him last year he was performing solo and had several albums behind him.  

I was drawn to the descriptor of his singing sounding like "Janis Joplin".  About a quarter of the way through the first song I heard I was hooked.  The comparison is worthy in only the most knee-jerky, hardly scratching the surface, level.  There are so many different layers to his expressiveness, and his songwriting is incomparable.  

On facebook I have been following him hoping that one day he would play somewhere I could make it to.  Unfortunately, his fan base is more international, and he tours mostly in Europe and the rest of the world.  His American stop was only in New York City.  Fortunately he has quite a few videos on youtube.

The older albums have more of a folk rock flavor while his newest ones really show his diversity.  Different Pulses is more electronic and Avidan in a Box is a collection of Live Acoustic Recordings mostly from his Mojo days.   

Asaf is a true artist in every sense of the word.  His music is multi-dimensional and complex while being very accessible and relateable.  Listen to "Thumbtacks in My Marrow" and "A Choice and a Gun" to experience emotional intensity that quietly reveals itself and leaves the listener a little stunned but immediately wanting to hit "repeat".  Both songs still bring gooseflesh every time I listen to them.

Hopefully I have peaked your interest in this amazing artist.  I only scratched the surface of his current catalog

I know there will be people who just don't get it, but I will never be able to understand.  For me Asaf Avidan is like blood in my veins: essential  and sustaining, cherished internally, shared in small doses it can save lives and make the most powerful bonds between people, without it you will perish.  

One last image which I love from the Mojo days...

Visit his website for information and to buy direct - you can also find his music easily at the typical places like amazon, 7digital, etc.


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