If you haven't heard of dimbodius, it's time you do

My favorite find from cdbaby .  One of the least prolific musicians I have come across, but every song he releases is a gem.  Dark and moody, profoundly introspective, sweeping and uplifting, his music evokes the listener's senses and imagination.  His voice isn't pretty but it is expressive and moving.  The music is keyboard and percussion centered with a made-at-home, agoraphobic sound.   That's not to say limited or sparse, the music is full and expansive, it just imparts the mood of isolation and late night introspection.

Listen to his latest album "Sisyphus' Surrender" via Soundcloud while reading on...

There's not a lot of information about Marcus Dimbodius other than he is from Göteborg, Sweden.  Do you really need to know anything about a musician to enjoy their music?  I personally like a little information, but definitely not too much.  I recently picked up a magazine that is cover to cover about "The Cure" and it is awful.  I really wish I hadn't read it, I will do my best to forget 98% of it.  I would much rather hold onto my impressions than have them shattered with reality.  

Starting in newest first order, Sisyphus' Surrender was released in 2012 after a 7 year gap since the previous record.  There was much more of a release campaign behind this record than any other and I loved the simple but evocative art, by Jan Scharlau, accompanying the music.  The mood of this record hasn't changed, and the execution is more complex but still true to the prior releases. 

"Passage to Dawn" is bleak and wonderfully dark with one poetic sentiment: "Be sure to love the one you chose, and be sure your loved one knows"  

"Killers" wraps me up in the notion that pining over an unrequited love is a recipe for despair and a life wasted. 

"Perfect Mismatch" is a bouncy and upbeat desire to escape a imperfect relationship.

"Distant Flickering Light" has another pearl of wisdom seemingly meant just for me: "Put your precious pride aside, no one will love you if no one gets to try"

"Chastity Fields" is a a magnificent song with momentum and meaning.  Dimbodius is a lyrical poet and a musical wizard.

The video to "Come Weigh Me Down" encapsulates the personal, solitary and unaccompanied feeling of his music, even though I know he actually works with producers, other musicians, and records in a studio, it just doesn't "feel" like it.

2004-2005 saw releases of 2 EPs: Half a Lover, Hands Let Go, and an album: While We Fall.  

Both EPs have tracks unique to them which I definitely recommend getting.

dimbodius records require active listening.  They are lights out, wine in hand, candle burning, settle in for a scant hour of mental cloud watching.  If you aren't paying attention the sounds just float past you in a swirl of unremarkable banal mutterings.  dimbodius needs focus. Like nature and architecture, you can walk through or past it without noticing it. However, if you pause and take it in you will often be awed by the beauty and expansiveness you have been taking for granted.  Once you are dialed in, exploring it reveals wonders and hidden secrets unique to each adventurer.  dimbodius manages to create voyages of self-discovery that work for every listener using themes that have personal meaning to everyone.  It isn't unusual to sink so far into his music that you find yourself in tears and awakening feelings you didn't even realize you were suppressing.  

There is a video to "Hands Let Go" that I think is quite good.

And it all began in 2000 with the Not Love EP.  I believe this to be one of the most perfect collections of songs I have ever heard. "Struck by the Sadness of Love" is heart-stopping, achingly beautiful.  "All or Nothing" is a soul-wounded lament of longing that claws at your memories and finds that missed opportunity you almost forgot and pulls it forward for reflection and exorcism.  Next is a minute and a half appeal for someone to join him in a "Love Like This"  "Until the End" speaks of the commitment of love for all time, unfortunately, in the past tense.  It conveys the essence of remembering a love from the past without regret, but with the knowledge that it could have been forever.  The final track builds quietly and slowly, resolutely, to a place and time of parting which he would go anything "Not To Be Here".  It leaves the listener hanging, awaiting the next track, definitely wanting more and often hitting repeat for at least one more time.  

And that's it for 14 years; two albums and 3 EPs.  If there had been more would it have been as good?  Possibly not.  After the initial release campaign dimbodius went silent again.  His last facebook post was almost a year ago, and dimbodius.com was updated at the same time.  Where did he go?  What is he doing?  Will it be another 7 years before I get to hear new music?  

I did stumble across this image from a live performance I think occurred in support of his new album opening for an act called "First Aid Kit".  Maybe I can't find much because I am searching in English language. If I knew Swedish maybe I could find more....


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