Marc Almond - The Velvet Trail

A masterful performer, Marc Almond slays yet another record.  One of the most diverse performers, over the years it seems he has done it all.  Many would think this was back to his roots, but alas his roots go deeper than that.  The Velvet Trail is a great amalgam of the many diverse styles he has used over the years, merging it with a current, timeless quality.

I had to pre-order the Limited UK Edition CD - I wish I had gone for the Limited Edition Double Gatefold Vinyl + Poster - but anyway - the CD is in a double gatefold with an attached booklet of art, no lyrics though.  It looks nice, but I bet the LP is cooler.


Disc One: CD

1) Act One (Instrumental)
2) Bad to Me - Marc's wicked tongue whips this pop number a naughty vibe
3) Zipped Black Leather Jacket - Gay clubs should be wearing out this tune
4) Scar - a beautiful ballad sung in perfect cabaret style
5) Pleasure’s Wherever You Are - love the sentiment, an upbeat, lively number
6) Act Two (Instrumental)
7) Minotaur - glorious and compelling lament to "my Minotaur" - I love it, except I always leaned more toward Satyrs. Satyr doesn't sound as poetic as Minotaur though
8) Earthly - my favorite melody/chorus on this record, slightly ominous and grandiose
9) The Pain of Never - a bare bones melancholy track
10) Demon Lover - a snappy little tune, great high notes
11) Act Three (Instrumental)
12) When The Comet Comes - duet with Beth Ditto - it doesn't get better than this - Pop perfection
13) Life in My Own Way - consummate Marc, an anthem to the self, most fitting for my life as well, alone but not lonely, a testament to the confirmed bachelor
14) Winter Sun - poignant and whimsical
15) The Velvet Trail - dreamy, languid and enchanting
16) Finale (Instrumental)

Disc Two : DVD

Scar - part one of a mini movie - nicely done
The Pain Of Never - part two -
Life In My Own Way - a fun twist and quite fitting to the song
The Velvet Trail - excellent video - Marc being Marc by the sea shore

All in all it is another superb album to add to his rather impressive catalog.  With his many incarnations and collaborations trying to own all of his music is a daunting task.  I am very glad he was convinced to make this record.


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