Human Tetris and Lil Swan

I have been waiting for some new music by Human Tetris for a couple of years, ever since I discovered them on bandcamp.  They are one of a about a dozen groups that I just do not understand why they are not better known.  Rivaling the sound of Editors and Interpol, I connect with them more as a evolution of one of my favorite short-lived bands, Glorious Din.  I recently found on their facebook page that they broke up, but the good news is that the "mastermind" behind the band had started a new group called Lil Swan, and the better news is that Lil Swan sounds wonderfully like Human Tetris.  I suggest getting to know both bands.  I can't really say more about their music other than - every song is my favorite until the next one starts.  

Human Tetris: Facebook     Bandcamp

Lil Swan: Facebook     Bandcamp


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