Thighpaulsandra - The Golden Communion

A stunning package, this 3 disc vinyl is just incredible.  I was kind of hoping for a booklet similar to the Double Vulgar releases (II in particular) but I think this gatefold is beautiful and quite complete (though lyrics are always appreciated).  I was extremely happy to receive an email to download the album so that I could listen to it while awaiting my hard copy and I was blown away before the end of the first song.

Salute kicks off the album with eerie trepidation that leads into a brooding ballad and progresses into a real rocker.  In it's 8:44 I have recouped my purchase price and forgiven the years since his last record.

Did He Fall? stirs things up a bit and brings in a trippy beat.   It is a phenomenally fun and upbeat song, slightly perverse, and definitely danceable.

The Foot Garden swaggers and shimmers in a kind of dream drama.  Hear it here.

A Devil in Every Hedgerow is disturbing and agitating like the entry to a funhouse fills you with anticipation and dread.

The Golden Communion, at 25:55, begins as a chamber piece of quiet thoughtfulness then it seems is attacked by disturbing sounds from another word or alternate dimension.  They war for a bit but the evil unknown seems calmed by the sound of a single violin that appears to be trying to understand and empathize.  The chamber piece seems triumphant and we flow into an ambient tonal trance.
Like the stretching of a rubberband we slowly regain our tension from beyond, yet there appears to be a relationship developing.  However, as the end approaches it is evident that the other world was just waiting for our guards to drop and slowly manages to draw us out of our world and into theirs.  This piece feels very Lovecraftian to me.

Misery has something of a tribal/African feel to it.  As in most of the tracks so far there is an organic element that is very earthy and an artificial industrial/electronic element that is at different times; in conflict, symbiotic or parasitic.

Valerie is rather a hard track to describe.  It is both the closest to a straightforward pop song, and the most unusual feeling track on the record.

The Sinking Stone is just strange.  It is chaotic and mad non-music.  Again I get a sense of a Lovecraft influence.

On The Register is basically a rock song.

The More I Know Men, The Better I Like Dogs is the longest track, 26:48.  Minimalist yet intense.


  • A1 Salute 
  • A2 Did He Fall?
  • B1 The Foot Garden
  • B2 A Devil In Every Hedgerow
  • C The Golden Communion
  • D1 Misery
  • D2 Valerie
  • E1 The Sinking Stone
  • E2 On The Register
  • F The More I Know Men, The Better I Like Dogs
10 songs, but almost 2 hours of music!

Buy from Editions Mego or bandcamp as well as most other music retailers


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