Low - Ones and Sixies

I love the owl on the cover, but I think the tree really sums up the feel of the record.  It is sparse and dreary, poignant and dreamy.  I haven't been a loyal Low fan through the years, but their records are always being presented to me as something I should like.  I can't say why nothing has really captured my attention fully until this record.  Whatever the reason, the past is the past and this record is amazing.  Sub Pop's Loser Editions are always a great addition to a collection from an artistic point of view. In this case, especially, the music and packaging are really well matched.

I could play this record on loop for days and not get bored.  It has so many elements and sentiments running through it to maintain a long term interest.  It can be enjoyed quietly and in the background as well as loud and bombastically.

A1 Gentle
A2 No Comprende
A3 Spanish Translation
B1 Congregation
B2 No End
B3 Into You
C1 What Part Of Me
C2 The Innocents
C3 Kid In The Corner
D1 Lies
D2 Landslide

Favorite tracks are Lies, Into You, Gentle, No Comprende, Landslide and Spanish Translation.  I also favor Alan Sparhawk's vocals over Mimi Parker's.  Sonically they use minimal sound to maximum effect.  Each note, strum, drumbeat, and lyrical phrase is structured to maintain the mood and atmosphere of the album.  Cloud-watching, nature-gazing, or scenic contemplation are recommended activities while listening to Ones and Sixes.  There is a connection to nature and humanity entwined in this.  Unlike so many artists today who make music that is egocentric and vain, Low makes music that seeks to understand and connect with the world around them.

There is beauty in simplicity.


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