StrangeJuice - Leafblower

Why hasn't StrangeJuice escaped anonymity yet?  I am mystified that the world isn't enraptured by the magic he wields with what appears to be effortless ability and talent.

This newest  EP from StrangeJuice is yet another wonderment of musical artistry.  The elements of instrumentation astonish me with variety and inventiveness.  His vocals are truly a marvel, a range and emotive ability that is beyond compare.

1 - Leafblower - a rocking tune with so much going on in there it makes my head reel.  I want to dance with abandon.  This song needs an extended version.

2 - Carrier Mouse - a nursery rhyme?  a tale of morality?  skip hop, merry-go-round... just enjoy.  Makes me feel nostalgic, warm and safe.

3 - Snow Queen - every word I can think of to praise this song is inadequate.  Progressive Pop perfection.  The lyrics seem fraught with meaning and nonsensical at the same time.

4 - Maria - a lovely song - it makes me feel happy and giggly inside.

5 - Temporary Guy - makes me think of a guy, a guitar, a beach and a fire - but from out of the darkness comes the sound of drums and more...

6 - There's a Snake - if Yes, Pink Floyd and Peter, Paul & Mary ever wrote a song together it might sound something like this.

I am enthralled with this artist.  His music conjures images and feeling, awakens memories, and sparks creative imaginings.  Sometimes I have no idea what he intends to convey, but I always find a personal connection happening as I listen.

My only complaint is that this is a digital only release.  I would love to see him get released on vinyl. He always finds great art for his projects, some he does himself, and the larger format of vinyl would give a canvas for expression I would like to see him explore.


  1. Totally agree - I reckon Strangejuice's music kicks butt! Iv got his new album Leafblower on repeat absorbing all the goodness but I'm still in love with his song Jalapeno Sun which is a monster of a track and the video... wow! Unbeatable!

    1. I am rather partial to The Sound of Prozac and Domestic Bliss myself - but he has yet to do anything less than extraordinary


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