Die Form - Rayon X

Beware.  Listening to Die Form may corrupt your base nature.  This is music for your most decadent desires.  Rayon X serves up a mean mix of fetish electronics and sexual vocals.  Abandon reservations, embrace corruption, explore sensations, seek to discover deviations from your "normal" life.  Here you will find acceptance of those dark secrets and desires you have been hiding.  Bring them out and surrender to the chant and beat of Die Form, Rayon X.

Die Form has been going strong since the mid to late seventies.  They have explored sounds from the apocalyptic to the serene.  Prolific doesn't begin to describe their output either.  I counted 30+ releases last time I checked discogs.  One needs to sample a Die Form record before purchasing if you expect a certain sound you have heard before to be present on their "new" record.  They often change sounds dramatically between releases.  I haven't experienced a "bad" Die Form record, ever.  Rayon X, though. exemplifies the sound I like the best.

My only disappointment with this purchase was thinking it was a new album (2015).  Somehow I missed it being released in 2014.  This mistake was complicated by the fact that I "pre-ordered" it at Isotank a few months ago on Red Vinyl.  Oh well, this year, last year, it is still phenomenal.  It also came with a large poster of the album cover.  For such an artistic band they don't spend too much time on packaging their music.  The inner sleeve was generic white paper and their were no liner notes or lyrics.  The vinyl is only 10 songs while the CD is 14.  There is a deluxe CD with 28 tracks as well.


A1 Black Leather Gloves 4:14
A2 Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion) 3:33
A3 ReBirth/ReDeath (Ich Bin Tot) 5:18
A4 La 7ème Face Du Dé 5:08
A5 Politik 4:05
B1 Mecanomania(c) 3:53
B2 Perpetual Motion (Perpetuum Mobile) 4:31
B3 Amnesia (Amnesium) 4:22
B4 Iron Cross 3:49
B5 Mon Amour 2 ⚤

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