Editors - In Dream

Editors are one of my favorite bands.  In Dream maintains their eminence.  This record is overall slower than prior releases, I would say more contemplative, but their other records were just as deep, they just had a faster tempo.  I think this album will sadly suffer from it's more drawn out nature, and won't get as many whole plays.  Artistically it holds it's own, and probably fits it's mood better in tempo, but doesn't pack the punch of earlier records.  Here the sound is more calm, rational, and less raw than before.  We have a band that sounds confident of what they have to say, and this album just says it a little quieter and less urgently.

The first four songs don't really stand apart, they flow together in a singular dirge only to be shaken up by the final track on This Side "Life is a Fear".  Other Side rocks a bit more with "Our Love" and "All the Kings".  "Marching Orders" is a slow burner, crowdpleaser.

Tom Smith has the most seductive and arousing voice.  I am moved to sympathy and compassion with ease and grace.  His voice stirs the loins, invigorates the senses, emotionally motivates and  propels one to want to take action.

I ordered the LP, heavy weight gold vinyl, and the Deluxe CD containing Phase Two (alternative mixes/takes).  The gatefold cover is very nice, inserts of individual artistic photos of band members, download code comes with LP.  Gold vinyl isn't my favorite - not metallic.


In Dream

  1. No Harm
  2. Ocean Of Night
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Salvation
  5. Life Is A Fear
  6. The Law
  7. Our Love
  8. All The Kings
  9. At All Cost
  10. Marching Orders

        Phase Two

  1. Alternative Forgiveness
  2. Alternative No Harm
  3. Oh My World
  4. Alternative Our Love
  5. Alternative Life Is A Fear
  6. Harm
 These alternate versions are solid, but not that much of a departure.  More essential is "Oh My World" which features Rachel Goswell's vocals counterpointing Tom Smith's.

Very glad I pre-ordered - this signed photo of the band will be a prized possession and get prominent display in my home. 


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