Electric Würms ‎– Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk

So this was released last year but I just now acquired one on sale.  I like Progressive, Psychedelic Rock and this fits into that category, but in a mellow, chill-out sense.  It is a pleasant listening experience leading one to daydream in the lands of imagination.  Best for late-night after-party relaxation.

I can't say any track stood out, but in this case that is a good thing.  It is all trippy guitars, unassuming vocals, and ear massaging electronics. This is a rather short album, something between an EP and a full album at just under 30 minutes.  It deserves to be played as a whole at an appropriate time.  Besides as an after-party come-down, this works well for sparking the imagination if you are writing, or reading... being creative in any way.


  1. I Could Only See Clouds
  2. Futuristic Hallucination
  3. The Bat
  4. Living
  5. Transform!!!
  6. Heart Of The Sunrise

I like the artwork on the cover and the Dayglo Purple Translucent vinyl.  Digital download included.  Inner sleeve is plain white but there is a lyric sheet insert.   


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