Selofan - Tristesse

Using bandcamp's music feed and fan following of like-minded users turned up this band a few months ago.  I've been trying to score vinyl copies of their releases to no avail.  I've actually got them ordered only to be told, twice, that they were sold out, after the fact.  So back to bandcamp and digital copies for now at least.  The important thing is being able to listen to this rather incredible music.  This is my favorite genre of music - dark, moody, haunting, dance-able...perfect for sitting in dark corners of a club with occasional forays onto the dancefloor.

They are from Greece, and don't sing everything in English, so mostly I get the mood and the beat and it is enough.  In fact, I think I enjoy the songs I don't understand better than the ones I do, just by a small margin, but it is nice to be able to totally put your own ideas, thoughts, feelings, into the music.  

I like their bio statement "strictly analogue narrations about all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species."  

Vacillating between male and female vocals keeps me feeling a little off balance somehow (in a good way).  The music is uncomplicated but still intricate.  Selofan weaves a complex web of emotion and introspection.  It is comfortable to sink down into like a isolation tank and swim in your own thoughts.  It also works just fine for tramping around at parties.  

  1. Der Steppenwolf
  2. Ich Kann Dich Sehen
  3. Tristesse
  4. We Care For You
  5. Thunderbird
  6. Ναφθαλίνη
  7. Οδηγίες Χρήσης
  8. Φωτογραφικές Μηχανές
  9. Microwave Lovers
  10. Vergänglichkeit
  11. Confession
  12. Allein
Track 8, translates to Photographic Cameras, and track 9, Microwave Lovers, are two of my favorite tracks.  They worm their way into your brain and down your spinal cord.  I would expect high rotation in Goth clubs and Dark Domains everywhere.  

The first album, Verboten, is also excellent.  Possibly a bit more industrial leaning, cold wave, but just as moody and bizarre.  


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