Villagers - Darling Arithmetic

Irish folk singer/songwriter Conor O'Brien gives us a very personal peek into some of his thoughts and feelings.  Sounding very much like he is sitting in the room performing just for us, with some of that "magic" band behind him in just the right sparse measures.  Darling Arithmetic is a perfect Sunday morning record.  Serene, peaceful, and quietly pleasing, it gently nudges you into wakefulness.  

  1. Courage
  2. Everything I Am Is Yours
  3. Dawning On Me
  4. Hot Scary Summer
  5. The Soul Serene
  6. Darling Arithmetic
  7. Little Bigot
  8. No One To Blame
  9. So Naïve
Subtly expressing his sexuality and contentions with homophobes, there is nothing so personal that it isn't universal.  This is a romantic album, try listening while snuggling with your loved one in front of a fire with a glass of wine and you will see what I mean.  Even when the songs get a little socially significant like in Little Bigot, "throw that hatred on the fire", he doesn't take you out of the mood of the album.  

This record may be a bit of a departure for those that liked the Mercury Prize nominated albums, {Awayland} and Becoming a Jackel, but it is definitely a welcome addition to their catalog.  


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