PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries

Happy dance ensues... I had this treat in my mailbox today.  I've been blowing out my speakers with this digital record for months now, but now I have a wonderful excuse to get excited about it again in a physical format.  This is a perfect colored vinyl, cherry red of course, but even better, it sounds amazing!!!

When I first started playing it I was bending to check the stereo settings because I wasn't hearing anything, absolutely no tracking noise and just about fell over when the jams began.  I keep hearing opinions of criticism against colored vinyl, but personally haven't found it to be an issue in an of itself.  If the vinyl is cheap, its cheap and sounds bad, but most organizations put out good vinyl and whether or not it is colored I think it sounds the same.  This is a well crafted recording and sounds incredibly clear and I don't think it could sound any better on black vinyl.

If you have been hiding under a rock and don't know about PWR BTTM you need to check them out.  They have been reviewed favorably, and enthusiastically by just about everyone from Pitchfork to Rolling Stone  If you like Punk, Homocore, Queer Rock, Glam, or just good simple rock written to purge the hangups of the day and give everyone a reason to party.  Unfortunately this vinyl sold out in a matter of days once the preorder was announced.  Hopefully they will press another run so keep watch on their bandcamp page and their facebook page.

Their live show videos look like a good time for all.  They are high energy and just seem to want to make sure everyone has a great time, including themselves.  I love the free form makeup and outfits - it all seems whimsical and carefree.  Whatever you feel like in the moment - just go for it.  

I've already said the vinyl itself is fabulous, or should I say Gaymazing.  The cover is fairly standard, and there is no insert and just a generic inner sleeve.  It does include a download card for the album which is rather redundant since I bought it through bandcamp where I could download it immediately and stream it as well like all their purchases, but I appreciate it being there as I am sure some were sold elsewhere.


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