Scattered Clouds - The First Empire

There are really no sufficient words to describe the absolute rapture I attain while listening to this album.  It seems alchemical and sorcerous in it's ability to manipulate my senses.  I feel completely addicted and subjugated to the magic herein.  I haven't played a record this often back-to-back sense I discovered Yazoo (Yaz) in college.

The official video for Enchantress is cool, but I like this live video better.  I found there weren't a lot of images of the band and since they are Canadian I am not likely to see them live any time soon.  This rather rough video is a good surrogate for attending a show I think.  

A1 Fallen 3:43
A2 Enchanteresse 4:29
A3 People Walk 4:00
B1 Floating Underwater 2:57
B2 Deepest Night 5:03
B3 The First Empire 7:14

A short album, leaving me with a hunger for more....did I mention my addiction?  Their bandcamp page has the album cheap in digital format.  You can also get an earlier cassette release, digitally, simply titled "EP"  with four songs at a "name your price" option.  My first impression of the EP was how incongruous and cacophonous, almost unpleasant, it was...and yet by the end I had to play it again...and the more I played it, the more I wanted to play it again.  

There is definitely some dark magic within Scattered Clouds music.  I like the description listed on bandcamp:
Scattered Clouds' sound is dark, experiential and post apocalyptic. It layers artificial enstasy with bouts of unsteady euphoria and romanticism. Brooding rhythms and precise noise from this experimental 3-piece underline film noir imagery and auto-fictional narratives.
I had to look up the word "enstasy":
The experiences, or abolition of experience, arising as a consequence of those meditational, etc., techniques which withdraw the practitioner from the world, and even from awareness of the self. The word was coined in contrast to ecstasy. (
First Empire likely would have topped my best albums of 2015 list if I had discovered it in that year.
Now they exist in limbo as an album found too late for 2016 and not in time for 2015...somehow it is also very fitting.  I think if any band was going to soundtrack Purgatory it would be Scattered Clouds.

Check out their website, Facebook, and E-tron Records pages.


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