StrangeJuice - Black Honey is yet another work of art by an amazing Australian musician

Occasionally I think there just isn't any way that an artist this prolific could produce consistently good music,  Once again I am proved, at least in Mike Anderson's case, this is not true.  Somehow his  creative stores are seemingly vast and still rich with ideas and concepts.

Maybe his secret lies in the fact that he actually "works" at producing music, seeking ideas, learning new instruments, and experimenting.  The idea behind this collection of songs was:
On September 1st 2016 Strangejuice embarked on a 5 day lock-in in his home studio, mattress on the floor, piano and guitars tuned roughly to concert pitch, in an experiment to write and record as many songs in 5 days without seeing daylight. Not sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time, without time to wait for inspiration, 21 songs were written, recorded and produced inside the closed blinds. 
Songs about mermaids, transporting across the globe in the stomach of a whale, The ghosts of flying fish, A Satanic dinner party, kidnapped children, alcoholism, bushfires, Platos philosophy of time. The album begins in beauty and descends into hell.
Who does that?  I think it is someone who has not just a love of music, but a genuine desire to explore it's potential and possibilities in conjunction with diverse forms of personal expression .

The result is stunning and dumbfounding.  Interestingly I know of one group that really explains this in a song.  The Servant (1998-2007) was an English alternative band fronted by Dan Black whom I assume wrote the lyrics to this song, Orchestra.  I hadn't really made the connection to StrangeJuice until my computer randomly put them together on a playlist.  They make similar music in that both can use rather dark and bizarre imagery to convey  concepts of emotion and consciousness.  Check out the video to Orchestra after listening to Black Honey and let me know if you agree.


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