The Canorous Haunt of GothicGuru's list of 2016's best albums purchased.

Here's the link to my Discogs list of the best albums I bought that were released in 2016.

The Canorous Haunt of GothicGuru's list of 2016's best albums purchased.

I kept commenting to a minimum.  It's been a crazy season and time has been scarce.  I would love to have more opportunity to expound on my impressions of these albums, but life is life.  Maybe 2017 will be more conducive.  I was really excited by many of the bands I discovered in 2016.  While this past year has had had it's low points with the number of artists lost, violence becoming a routine occurrence, and political turmoil worldwide, there has been some solace in the amazing music releases.

There are a few albums I haven't been able to buy this year that probably should have been on this list but I wanted to limit it to albums I bought.  From my wishlist in no particular order:

Yoko One - Yes, I'm a Witch Too
Rumer ‎– This Girl's In Love (A Bacharach & David Songbook)
Colin Stetson ‎– Sorrow (A Reimagining Of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony)
Dernière Volonté ‎– Prie Pour Moi
Black Marble - It's Immortal
The April Seven - Pop Tarkovsky
Oskar's Drum - A Cathedral of Hands
New Politicians - Remission
Soviet Soviet - Endless
And Also The Trees - Born Into The Waves
The Caretaker ‎– Everywhere At The End Of Time
Pretenders ‎– Alone

And besides the probable undiscovered gems I know nothing about...yet, this is how I saw 2016 - Anything not on this list you can assume is either something I don't know about yet - or something I am just not interested in - or one of the few records that I bought but was just not impressed with.

Goodbye 2016....Hello 2017


  1. Good list! you might wanna to read mine since we have a bunch in commun.

  2. Pigeons et corbeaux I'm still wading through your list, thanks for sharing, an obvious oversite to my list of albums I didn't get around to buying in 2016 was And Also The Trees - 2017 is looking so ripe with great music coming out right out of the gate that I am afraid backtracking isn't looking too good for a while. So much of your list was new to me so I have been looking them up and sampling when I can.


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