Record Store Day 2017 list was disappointing

So the list is out and impressively long.  Unfortunately I found it sorely lacking in any items of substance.  Too many singles with no real unique value and certainly not budget friendly.  The album releases all seem rather dull reworkings, live shows, and/or rehashes.  I didn't find anything I would rush out for that day.  I was really looking forward to a day out and about rushing from one store to the next to score my wishlist.  Last year my list wasn't long but we had to go to three store to find what I wanted (John Grant, Dead Can Dance, and Etta James).  

I am mildly interested in Sire Records, Just Say 50 - but there is no track list yet and box sets are generally out of my range.  I'd like Big Star's 3rd, but the artwork is dull and there are two other volumes to consider in this archival reissue.  Marianne Faithful's Rich Kid Blues is tempting, but the UK has it on colored vinyl while the US listing doesn't mention color.  The Offspring s/t and Count Five - Psychotic Reaction would be cool to own, but are items I'd pick up possibly while getting the something I went looking for.  

The UK list has a few more items I'd like including The Cocteau Twins (Milk and Kissed and Four Calendar Cafe) colored vinyl, Marianne Faithful - Rich Kid Blues on silver vinyl, and Altered Images - Happy Birthday.  But if my luck is the same as last year I won't find any of these at a price I would pay.

So what would I have liked to see...thanks for asking:

How about:
  • Yaz double release with "Upstairs at Eric's: and "You and Me Both" in one gatefold.
  • Brendan Perry solo albums "Ark" and "Eye of the Hunter"
  • The Church - Seance
  • This Mortal Coil - "It'll End In Tears" and/or "Filigree and Shadow"
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra - " The Butcher's Ballroom"
  • IAMX ‎– Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
  • Muscle And Marrow ‎– The Human Cry
  • The Offs ‎– First Record
  • The Servant ‎– The Servant

Anything like this, whole albums, long out of print, currently hard to find, or never on LP at all.   It would even be great to see some new artists have first releases at Record Store Day.

I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same as I do.  I have been looking for some reactions on the posted list but haven't seen any yet.  Some have posted a few "picks" but nothing about an overall opinion.  I can't believe I am the only one that expected more substance and less "money grab" releases.  I want releases that celebrate the artistry of music, not the flash and bang of studio promoters.  Most of the RSD list seemed to me to be studio scraps packaged up and presented as diamonds.

Well, that's enough ranting for me. Let me know what you think.  I'm curious if more people feel like this or if I am in the minority.  What kind of releases, or specific releases do you wish you could see on the RSD list?


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