Recent additions to my collection

Unfortunately the band may be broken up, but the albums are still amazing.  The vinyl is more of a marbled white than a solid white, very good looking.  If I had to describe this band in a simple way I would say they are a "Pop-ier" version of whatever you would call the genre The Editors would be placed in.  I know listening to either band I am always turning the volume up because there is just no getting enough!

Sadly this was not on vinyl so I had to buy the CD.

I can't even begin to say how much I love this band.  I heard Creep on Creepin' On first and have followed them since.  Each album seems to catch me off guard and I find the first listen a nerve wracking affair.  It is never quite what I expect, nor dare I say wanted - or thought I wanted anyway.  But after a few listens I am totally converted and under the spell of the record.  I was more prepared at this point for the routine and have made the transition faster.  I think the most different thing on this record is it's connectivity to the world.  Prior records dealt with real issues but in a more fantastical way.  Here this topics are more timely and seem more "present".

Placebo ‎– Loud Like Love 

Blue translucent 180g vinyl - Like the other records since "Meds" it's Placebo, so I must have it, but it isn't quite as "good" as those that came before.


Yello ‎– Solid Pleasure

There is no such thing as a bad Yello album, but these are two of the best.  I especially love Solid Pleasure - so inventive and there really was nothing like it at the time.

Another one of a kind band and one of their best albums - really happy to finally own this one.

Depeche Mode ‎– A Broken Frame

This is not one of my favorite Depeche Mode records, but it is a piece of history and I found it fairly cheap and mint.  It is a transitional record from the Disco/Pop of they began with to the commanding Synth-Pop giants they would become.

I had a friend that L_O_V_E_D this record when it first came out and I followed right behind her.  I was very sad to here of his passing last year.  Another record I used to own that I am reacquiring.  Just a phenomenal voice and incredible songwriter. 

Ralph Records is responsible for turning me on to many artists - None more unique and wonderous than The Art Bears.  "Rats and Monkeys" is one of those songs I play people who want something more adventurous in their listening habits.

Let me know if you like posts like this - if you like any of these bands - or want to make any kind of comment.  I don't seem to have time and energy enough to make longer review type posts right now and this was fairly easy which is a BIG bonus for me right now. 


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