Atonalist featuring Gavin Friday - Atonalism. A cacophony of electronic and acoustic instruments

I'll just say, first and foremost, this is going to be hard to beat out for my favorite record of 2017.  It is simply amazing.  I had to check it out because of Gavin Friday's involvement, but it didn't take but a few seconds of sampling the first song to convince me to preorder this. I was a wee bit anxious after hearing that only half the songs had vocals since I was motivated to buy this for Gavin Friday's involvement.  After several listens though I confess I don't really think of the songs as being with or without lyrics, at least not lyrics with words. The songs without words seem just as lyrical as those with words. I am now sure I will be buying the next Atonalism record with or without Gavin Friday.

The record is not truly atonal, but it is certainly nontraditional and experimental.  It sometimes borders on unhinged even.  It has a core of musicality however that holds it all together and doesn't let it fall into discord.  This is where music becomes art in the truest sense.  It isn't conforming to anyone's preconceived notions of songwriting or expression.  Atonalism is walking it's own path, obviously not fully alone, owing lots to pioneers in experimental music, but I certainly don't know anyone that is or has merged this level of electronic and acoustic instruments along with provocative and brooding lyrics both sung, spoken and screamed.

Renaud-Gabriel Pion : piano, tenor saxophone, bass & contrabass clarinets, Turkish clarinet, English horn, oktavnyckelharpa, e.w.i & Metallic, lo-fi samples, programming. Arnaud Fournier : electric guitar, tenor saxophone, trumpet, voice screams, samples, programming.
Gavin Friday : special guest on vocals.
All music by Arnaud Fournier and Renaud-Gabriel Pion / Métisse Music Publishing.
Lyrics by Gavin Friday (1, 2, 4, 5, 7) / Mute Song Publishing.

Seeing that Gavin Friday wasn't just a guest vocalist, but actually penned the lyrics makes Atonalism much more a collaboration than a true debut record for Atonalist.  I don't think it detracts from their future potential but should instead garner them more interest, exposure and credibility.  It does leave the future more widely open as to what they might do next.?!

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